The Indian Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery is a new body consisting of not many practicing micro surgeons in India. We are still in very early stages. Hence we have to establish healthy convention on behalf of the society. A broad outline of the constitution is given. As we travel along we can modify or add to the existing clauses by consensus. Hence no elaborate legal clauses are included. Conventions are always better than written laws.


The name of the society shall be called as "INDIAN SOCIETY FOR RECONSTRUCTIVE MICROSURGERY"


To promote and direct the development of microsurgery along sound and professional lines.
To foster and co-ordinate education, study and research in microsurgery.
To make provision for dissemination and distribution of knowledge of microsurgery among the members of the society and medical profession as a whole by such means conducive to the attainment by the society of its object herein set forth and in particular without prejudice to the generality of the society.
To conduct workshops all over the country to promote this branch of surgery among the junior surgeons.


There shall be Honorary Membership, Life Membership and Associate Membership.

Honorary Members shall be appointed by the Executive Council and approved by the General Body. Any distinguished professional or lay person of any nationality whom the society wishes to honour for services rendered to the furtherance of the society’s objective that is reconstructive microsurgery.

Life members are those who are doing active reconstructive microsurgery during the last 5 years. Application for life membership must be made in writing to the Executive Council.

Associate Members are those who have genuine interest in reconstructive microsurgery and doing a good amount of work in this field. They should apply to the Executive Council and approved by the General Body.


Life Membership : Rs.3000/-
Associate Membership : Rs.1500/-
Can convert as Life Members by paying only the difference amount of Rs.1500/-

Financial Year

The financial year of the society ends on 31st March every year.


The officers of the society shall be a President, a Vice-President, an Honorary Secretary-cum-Treasurer and four Executive Council Members.

The officers of the society should hold the office for a period of two years commencing on 1st January next following their election. The President should hold office for a period of two years commencing on 1st January next following his / her election.

The President-Elect must be the Vice-President. The President gives direction to the activities of the society in collaboration with the Secretary. The Secretary-cum-Treasurer carries on the day today activities and maintain the accounts which should be audited every year and should be presented to the General Body at the time of biennial academic meeting.

In a particular post, one is not eligible to hold for more than two consecutive terms of 2 years. There should be a clear interval of four years before they are re-elected.

Election to the various posts will be held at the time of General Body held along with the biennial meeting. Those who are willing to serve as officer should give their consent either by direct approval at the meeting or by writing to the Secretary. The Executive council is the apex body which has the power to draft and introduce new regulations subject to the approval of the General Body.

The General Body shall be called by the Secretary or the President or by a minimum of council members or by giving a notice of minimum of 30 days.

The biennial academic meeting will be held during the first week end of March of the year. The venue and Organizing Secretary will be chosen by the general body.

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